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Height Calculator


N.P. The X-Pert and X-Sport sets come with a 125mm and a 250mm extension piece included.

Use this height calculator to determine if you need to purchase additional extension pieces. 

  • Measure your ceiling in mm's then find your height on the chart below
  • PLEASE use mm's to measure - there is 25mm difference in each inch, so feet and inches is not a very accurate way to measure and that can mean the difference between needing an extension and not. This is very important as we do not refund shipping on incorrect purchases.
  • If your height pole has a PURPLE coloured extension, then you need to purchase an additional extension at that length.
  • If your height pole has only white extensions you do not need to purchase any additional extension pieces.
  • Note that for heights over 3370mm/11ft it is compulsory to use a permanent ceiling mount.  Contact X-Pole direct for availability of Ceiling Mounts.