X-Pole: What Pole Do I Have?


"What type of X-POLE do I have? HELP!!"

Often we have people call us for parts, because they are unsure about which model they have at home.
The easiest simplest way to check is to check your order receipt; but if you purchased second hand or your pole was a gift - it can be tricky to work out which pole is yours, and even harder to work out what parts will fit!

Here is the most simple way to narrow it down, ensuring you can buy the parts you need, anytime, without needing to wait for business hours!

Your join type is the key! How do your pole tubes connect together?


Screw together join type (XP model): 

If it screws together - its time for a new pole. We are offering a trade-in system starting this month where you can trade-in your old screw thread model and upgrade to a new, latest edition X-POLE. 

X-Pole changed the join type about 7 years ago, as the innovative R&D team came up with the X-JOINT. This new join type offers superior strength to a traditional screw thread join (which had to be welded to the pole tube). 

Many fakes also use the screw thread join (without welds), and as its increasingly hard for customers to tell genuine from fake, therefore we suggest only buying X-Joint model poles. 

There are no longer screw thread extension pieces sold for genuine X-POLES, so if you have a screw thread, call X-Pole for a trade-in price & get yourself using a brand new, state-of-the-art pole! 

It's got an X-JOINT, now what? 


Here is how to tell which X-POLE model you have by looking at the X-Joints: the X-POLE models (XX or NX or PX) 

If your X-Joint pin is completely round: ...then your pole is an 'X' series. 

It will be an XX X-PERT (spinning & static) or an XS SPORTS (static only). 

Only the XJ joints will fit your pole, and only the XS extensions will fit. If you can't find the part you need in our cart, contact our office for more options. This model was discontinued in 2014, so some (but not all) parts may be available.

Any other questions just email pictures to us at sales@lingerie2amaze.com, or call +61 413 840 006 during (AEST) business hours.

Happy poling X-Polers :)

For more info on the difference between X-SPORT and X-PERT poles, please check out this video