X-Pole: Differences between NX & PX?


X-PERT Poles - PX vs NX models - what are the key differences?


Confused about the differences between NX and PX (XPERT) model X-POLEs? Don't worry you're not alone. Most people have just worked out the differences with the screw thread vs X-Joint style poles, so the fact we are onto model 5 of an X-JOINT floor-to-ceiling means that its time we helped with a bit of a break-down of the differences between these current models. 

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This Blog is devoted only to the NX & PX which are both floor to ceiling spin & static poles (X-PERT). We also currently sell a static-only SPORTS pole (NS model) which is also floor to ceiling. Retired models are the original XP screw-thread, the XX XPERT, and the XS SPORT pole. See this blog on how to tell which model you have :) 

X-POLE International has an awesome innovation vision - they are constantly innovating, designing, refining and redesigning to bring polers the best possible pole experience. 

The new PX poles have X-LOCK which has been born out of the feedback that polers hated using an Allen key or a latch to switch between spinning and static. Now, with literally a twist of the collar at the bottom of the pole, you can alternate between spin and static modes - even mid dance!! It literally takes one second.

This is the central difference between the NX & PX sets. 

Is it imperative? Is it worth the extra money? Well it comes down to how you use your pole. 

If you are a poler that uses spin 95% of your poling time, then maybe the NX is the way to go. You will only use your tools occasionally and so long as you're organised & know where you leave your tools, this option (that has been the mainstay of X-POLE functionality for nearly 14 years) is a great option, as it's less expensive & comes with bags. Tighten the two screws to lock to static, loosen to spin. Simple & easy.

If you are a poler that constantly switches modes to work on a variety of moves / if you use your pole for strength & functional training and then switch intermittently back to spinny fun, then the PX is ideal for you. 

Some other nice features of the PX is that the base comes attached & the ceiling dome is more petite than the NX (traditional X-POLE) dome.

The NX still comes with carry cases. This is great if you travel. The base fits into the dome; that's one bag & the pole tubes in the other. 

The PX carry cases are available separately. Why? Well, with the increased costs of the X-LOCK feature, adding carry cases to the standard PX set ups the price. As research showed most polers rarely used their carry cases, the decision was made to leave the cases out and to have them available for purchase separately, IF someone decided they wanted one. If you travel with your pole frequently, then you will need one. If your pole goes up & stay in place until you move apartments/house, then you're unlikely to use your cases much in which cases the standard PX set would work well for you.

One final note - the overall lengths of the main pole tubes are slightly different with these two sets. If you need an extension, be sure to consult our height charts before you buy, or email us at sales@lingerie2amaze.com. We're around & happy to help :)


Watch the X-POLE US video on the differences between the two here: